Learning environment

Our technology-enriched learning environment allows you to connect with your professors and peers at any time and from anywhere. Upon arriving at UOIT, you will receive a high-end laptop computer complete with programs and industry-specific software to help ensure you are one step ahead of the competition when you graduate.

Technology is changing the face of health care, but the profession will always be about the people. Within FHS, you will learn how to effectively combine the technology and interpersonal skills required to lead and succeed as a 21st-century health-care practitioner.


You will have the opportunity to learn and practice your skills through various scenarios in our unique Interprofessional Centre of Excellence in Simulation. This high-tech, learning facility is a training ground for tomorrow's health-care leaders and includes 30 hospital beds and a 45-seat wireless classroom. It features human simulation mannequins that are programmed to demonstrate many health conditions including different blood pressure readings and the loss of vitals signs.

Medical Laboratory Science

You will apply scientific principles to health care by performing sophisticated laboratory tests using the two state-of-the-art health sciences laboratories.


You will have the opportunity for hands-on practical lab experience with modern state-of-the-art equipment. Labs are conducted in small groups and your laptop allows you to access the data you have collected online and outside of your lab time, so that you can perform data analysis and complete your work anytime and anywhere. For anatomy, your laptop comes with special software with animated muscle actions, a program that previous Kinesiology students have found invaluable.