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Research projects - Master of Health Sciences Community Health field

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Graduate projects:



Thesis project

Riyad Akbarali

M. Lemonde/R. Weaver

Working title: Exploring the differing physical and psychosocial needs of young CAD patients (2012 to current)

Lavern Bourne

B. Gamble

Working title: Approaches to accountability in the medical laboratory sector (MLS) in Ontario (completed)

May Helfawi

B. Gamble

Working title: Interprofessional collaboration for the delivery of mental-health services in an Ontario community hospital (2011 to current)

Peter Ioannou

C. George

Working title: Validating a scale measuring parent-child connectedness in the Bahamas and determining its association to adolescent sexual risk behaviours (2012 to current)

Syed Jaffrey

M. Lemonde

Working title: Smoking cessation: Consistent lack of or insufficient use of anti-smoking and/or anti-addiction services among moderate to heavy smokers (2012 to current)

Gayathiri Jeyathevan

M. Lemonde

Working title: The role of nurse navigators in diagnostic phase of adult patients with lung cancer (completed)

Rima Karam

B. Gamble

Working title: Physicians' perspectives on the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) program (completed)

Nida Mustafa

A. Zaidi

Working title: Cultural dissonance as a risk factor for the development of an eating disorder in second-generation South Asian women (completed)

Carmen Nisbet

M. Lemonde

Working title: What is the impact of a new educational innovation on long-term care staff critical-thinking disposition? (completed)

Zuhour Nur

A. Douai

Working title: Exploring black-Canadian parent-youth sex communication (completed)

Meagan O’Neill

M. Lemonde/K. Power

Working title: Effective rehabilitation exercise for cancer survivors (completed)

Chris Purves

M. Lemonde

Working title: Understanding the true patient experience and quality of life for individuals using home hemodialysis: A qualitative study (2012 to current)

Brittany Roberts

G. Lindsay

Working title: Exploring registered dietitians' experiences with obese children and their families (completed)

Cyra Sethna

B. Gamble

Working title: Personal support workers in Ontario (completed)

Lindsay Wyers

B. Gamble

2010 to current

Completed projects:



Thesis project

Arsalan Afzal

C. George

Tuberculosis (TB) screening in a cohort of individuals diagnosed with HIV in Ontario from 2001 to 2009

Salma Bham

E. Vogel

The shift from muffins to mangoes: Child, family and organizational impacts of an after-school snack program

Olga Boyko

W. Stanyon

Professors’ views on mental-health nursing education in the baccalaureate nursing programs of Ontario: A grounded-theory approach

Rohan Gonsalves

M. Lemonde

Is Yang style Tai Chi a one-size-fits-all fall-prevention exercise program for older adults? 

Nakia Lee-Foon Glasgow

C. George

Exploring black-Canadian parent-youth sex communication

Alyssa Higginson

C. George

Durham Region Healthy Sex Youthality project: Youths' perspectives on sexual-health needs in Durham Region

Myuri Manogaran

B. Gamble

The role of interprofessional collaboration on the discharge planning process in the neonatal intensive-care unit

Andrea Miller

E. Vogel

An in-depth analysis of the workforce characteristics of registered dietitians in Ontario 

Jeavana Sritharan

O. Sanchez

Investigating the relationship between modifiable environmental risk factors and incidence of colorectal cancer: A community-based study

Matthew Stein

M. Lemonde

Program evaluation of the chronic pain self-management workshop in the workplace

Sivajini Suthaharan

B. Gamble

Tamil-speaking mental-health system consumers’ views on the utilization of community mental-health resources

Atiquah Syed

W. Stanyon

Educating students about mental illness: Ethnic students' perspectives on the effectiveness of a web-based educational tool

Lorri Taylor

R. Weaver

Experiences and satisfaction with methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) health services: Views from a small Ontario city 

Christina Vaillancourt

E. Vogel

Walking the talk in the integration of chronic-disease prevention and management: Dietitians’ perspectives regarding diabetes management in adult peritoneal dialysis programs in Ontario